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creative brand photographer & strategist
in GLASGOW, scotland


Hi, I'm Rhiannon: branding specialist, professional photographer and proud female founder. I'm also a mum (to two girls, one rescue dog & a cat), a wife (to one Scottish guy), an avid adventurer and a total night owl. I'm into coffee, food and wine, all things vintage and retro and I'm currently trying my hand at DIY as we slowly renovate our newly purchased Victorian Terrace. I live in the West End of Glasgow, and I love being surrounded by so many other small, independent businesses I can support in my day to day life. You'll often find me remote working in one of my favourite local cafes, shopping for gifts (or me) in one of the indie gift shops or picking up treats from one of the amazing bakeries, patisseries or gelaterias.

My entrepreneurship journey

My formal education is in Communications & Journalism, an industry I worked in for almost a decade before deciding to start my own business. This background, combined with my experience as a professional photographer has proven to be a great advantage to me when it comes to working with small businesses on their branding - I have a strong understanding of both visual and written communications and effective content creation. That's rare in this field!

I moved to Scotland from Winnipeg, Canada in 2015 and I decided if ever there was a time to make a go at being self employed, that was it! I managed to build up two small businesses here in Glasgow in just a couple of years- by 2017 I was fully self employed and have been ever since. I won't lie and say it was easy: I was on a new continent with no network or reputation or portfolio of local work. I will say though: if you want it enough, and you're willing to put the work in (and have a bit of stubborn determination, that helps too!) I know you can do this. Learn more about how I gave up my 9-5 career to start a new business here.



I decided to work exclusively with female entrepreneurs because that's what I am passionate about. I want to live in a world where more women thrive doing what they love best. Carving their own paths. Creating a life and lifestyle that works for them- especially as entrepreneurs who are also juggling motherhood. 


I want my daughters to be surrounded by brave, determined, successful women who lift each other up and know that the sky is limit, regardless of their gender. I never saw entrepreneurship as viable option because there were so few women running businesses where I grew up. I want this to change.

I also believe strongly in connecting the small business community: this can be a lonely job and when we support each other, we are that much stronger. I put a lot of my time into this area: in 2020 I started a podcast for female entrepreneurs (listen here) and I am a founder and co-host of Small Biz Big Chat: informal networking events in Glasgow for Scottish women in business.


I'm also in the process of starting a starting a bi-weekly coworking group for freelancers and entreprenuers in Glasgow, keep an eye on my instagram for updates- our first meet up will be happening in 2024!


If you're still with me, it sounds like we might be the right fit (yay!)

If you're ready to improve your visual content, strengthen your brand and grow your

business I would love to hear more about what you do. 

Have a look at all the services I offer:


"I had such a great time shooting with Rhiannon and the pictures look amazing. She found lots of really good locations, the light looks incredible and I love the way they've been edited to suit my brand."

-Katie Bird, The Whin

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