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Not sure exactly WHAT it is that makes your brand unique Or how to show it off?

let's figure it out together!


It's no secret that finding a way to stand out online is essential to establishing and growing a small business. There are others out there who do what you do, but they don't do it the same way, and that's what sets you apart. The trouble is, it's not always easy to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes your brand unique - and that's where I come in.

First off - what exactly is brand photography?

Brand photography is all about storytelling: creating unique and authentic images that show off what makes you and your business unique. Brand images represent your personality, voice, values, style and approach, and they help set you apart from the others in your industry. 

Brand photography is very different from headshot photography - though people often confuse the two. A headshot is a traditional, straightforward image that simply shows your face to the world. Brand photos, however, are a collection of images that show off your personality, share your story and make you stand out as an individual.  In short, creating brand images is all about helping you translate what you do - and how you do it differently - into photos.  Learn more about brand photography and how it's different from headshot photography in my blog post here.




As a brand photographer, I don't JUST take photos - in fact, the stuff I do with my camera is only a small part of what I do.  Am I here to create professional, on-brand images? Yes! But I'm also here to help you figure out what makes your business unique, and how best to show that off in captivating imagery.

You might think you need to have this all figured out before you think about brand photography, but it's actually a process we can work through together. And with my combined experience in both brand photography and marketing and communications, I can offer a strong perspective on creating the perfect visual content to help you stand out online. I'm not just a photographer, but I'm also an expert in visual communications.

what's the process?

In order to be done effectively, brand photography needs to be a collaborative process. If you're looking for a photographer who'll just rock up on the day, with no knowledge of you or your business - you're in the wrong place. It's important to me, and essential to my work that I get to know each person and business that I'm working with and have a thorough understanding of your brand personality, values and voice. Here are the steps to my process:

brand photography scotland glasgow stationery crafter personal branding photoshoot
brand photography scotland glasgow stationery crafter personal branding photoshoot
brand photography scotland glasgow stationery crafter personal branding photoshoot
brand photography scotland gym owner headshot personal branding photography
brand photography scotland gym owner headshot personal branding photography
brand photography scotland gym owner headshot personal branding photography
brand photography scotland packages
1. Let's Chat

We'll set up a complimentary consultation to see if we are the right fit. You can tell me all about your business and what you hope to achieve from your brand photography session and by the end of our conversation we'll know if we are on the same page.

brand photography scotland photoshoot ideas
4. Photoshoot

While I'll take the lead on this part, it will still be a collaborative effort. Your input and ideas are most welcome and we will work together to ensure that the shoot stays on the right track, with me showing you what I'm shooting on the back of my camera as we go.

brand photography scotland ideas
2. Research

An important part of what I do is to learn all about your brand and your business - personality, values, style and

approach - as well as others in your industry. By the time we meet up to plan your session, I'll have a thorough understanding of every aspect of your brand.

brand photography scotland photoshoot pricing
5. editing

After the shoot, I carefully edit your images, starting with a sneak peek, which I send your way to make sure you are happy with the editing style. Once I receive your input I'll make any necessary changes before editing the full set and providing your digital gallery. 

brand photography scotland tips
3. Planning

Now that I know your brand, we will work together to create a detailed plan for your shoot. We'll talk about your goals, your brand message and what you want to achieve with your images and we will use that information to carefully plan your session.

brand photography scotland near me
6. strategy

Love your new images but aren't sure how to use them best? This optional step provides another level of service: I'll create a detailed visual content strategy for your images, to get your message across to your audience and build a stronger brand. 

what if i don't like having my photo taken?

Join the club! When I get new enquiries in, almost all of them say something like "I know I need to be in my photos but I'm SO awkward in front of the camera" or "I'm not photogenic, you'll have your work cut out for you". 

I get it - I really do. Most of us equate having our photo taken with the awkwardness of school portraits or traditional wedding photos-  forced smiles and sitting still in stiff poses. Thankfully, my brand photography sessions are nothing like this. 

We'll have worked closely together to plan your session so by the time I arrive you'll already know me and it'll feel like a catch up between friends, making it that much more comfortable. I'm as laid back and friendly as people come, and I take a candid approach to brand photography, offering light directions but focusing on genuine smiles and movement - no cheesy poses required. Based on feedback from previous clients (click here to read what they have to say), it's fair to say that you might even enjoy having your photos taken - imagine that!

personal branding photography scotland photoshoot
personal branding photography scotland photoshoot
personal branding photography scotland photoshoot

Let's work together


If you're still with me, it sounds like we might be the right fit (yay)! If you're ready to work together to improve your visual content, strengthen your brand and grow your business I would love to hear more about what you do. 

Get in touch to set up an (obligation free) consultation over zoom: or fill out the contact form below.


"Rhiannon was prompt, professional and an absolute dream to work with. She came up with ideas I would never have even thought of. She knew the kind of client I wanted to appeal to and used that to capture such wonderful shots. She made me feel at ease throughout. I hate getting my photo taken but somehow Rhiannon just makes you chat away and manages to get really natural photos perfect for my business. She's down to earth and has a genuine want to help people through her skills. She is and will always be my 'go to' for any photography needs"

- Miriam, MJS Personal Trainer