one to one training

Wish you could take better photos for your business?
I can help!


Your audience is spending more time than ever online, and the images you share are a big part of how they perceive your brand and decide whether (or not) they want to buy from your business.

Learning to create powerful, professional, on brand images is an essential skill- it will help you to get your message out to your audience more effectively and will make a huge difference in strengthening your brand and creating a business that everyone is talking about.

There's no one big secret to taking professional looking photos and you don't need a expensive camera to improve your photography skills- it's about taking the time to learn, practicing your new skills and discovering how to use the camera you have- even if it's just your phone- to create images that show your business in it's best light.


I offer photography workshops and one to one photography training to teach you how to take better photos with your phone, how to use a DSLR camera, and how to create on brand images that will help grow your business. 


For more info on workshops and training please get in touch at: or fill out the contact form below.


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