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how creative brand photography will help you stand out onlinE- brand photography Scotland

Featuring Brand photography gallery for Scottish Graphic Designer & Illustrator Emmelie Coulson

Woman in colourful jumper sitting with coffee cup smiling at the camera. Brand Photography Scotland.

You know it's important to stand out online. But how exactly do you DO that when there are so many other people doing what you do?

You show off your greatest superpower... the one thing no one else, no matter how similar their products or services, can compete with: YOU.

You are the only you- and that is your greatest superpower

You are the only person out there with your unique personality, perspective and approach. Your specific style and interests. Experience and background. No one does things exactly the way you do. Or provides the same experience working with you.

And what is the best way to communicate what makes you different? Actually SHOW your audience the things that make you unique! Nothing builds trust like walking the walk.

Woman sitting at kitchen table painting in her workbook. Brand photography Scotland.

what should your brand photography gallery include?

Brand photos are about so much more than simple headshots (those it's good to have a few of those too! Think about what your audience and ideal clients might want to see and let them feel like they're getting the insider scoop to the day to day workings of your business.

Let them see your:

Behind the Scenes: the different stages of your process from start to finish, how you do what you do, your tools and materials. The space(s) you work in, your daily surroundings and the city or village you call home.

Inspiration: your real life hobbies and interests, how you spend your spare time, the things you love and collect and surround yourself with.

Personality: what is it like to work with you? Show off your style and approach, your demeanour and the way you present yourself to the world.

Your products and/or services: this one's a given!

Real is better than "perfect and polished"

Brand Photography is not all about sitting at a perfectly organised desk and smiling at the camera, with a laptop sitting in front of you. Your brand images should show off the REAL you and all the different aspects of what it takes to run a small business.

The best way to build trust and relatability is to show off your real life, day to day life as an entrepreneur. Of course you want to show off the polished stuff, but don't be afraid to show off the "work in progress" stuff too.

The more real, the more authentic you come across. And buzz word or not, being authentic is pretty important when you're building a community.

Woman sitting at her desk space at her colourful in home workshop. Brand photography Scotland.

Client feature: Scottish Brand Designer Emmelie Coulson

Emmelie Coulson is a graphic designer and illustrator and her signature style is bold and vibrant- so her photos had to be too!

A colourful wardrobe was key- as well as using her own workspace (and fav local cafe) her many bold accessories and showing off a little bit of her artistic ability too.

We wanted to cover all of the aspects of Emmelie's business which meant showing her working across all her different mediums: on the computer, tablet, sketchbook and with paints. I loved seeing a little bit of her creative process and it was really fun to show this off in her photos.

Lots of laughs, coffee and cake and a few appearances by her four legged pal- a day in the life as it really happens for Emmelie! Scroll down to see a small selection of Emmelie's Brand Photography Gallery (there are about three times this many photos in the full thing!) and check out more of her work over on instagram.

Looking for a modern, creative Brand Photographer in Scotland?

I offer brand photography in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland for female founders and freelancers. My brand photography packages include a get to know you call and a detailed planning session ahead of your photoshoot, and the option to add on a Brand Strategy Session ahead of the photo session and/or a Content Strategy session to help you make the most of your photos afterwards.

Booking now for 2024: get in touch today for all the info or book your free discovery call here (zero pressure, I promise! Just a friendly business chat to see if we'd be a good fit). or fill in my contact form here.

Let's up level your online presence and get your business the attention it deserves. ;)

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