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Not sure what to post? Here are four engaging content ideas for your social media accounts

Want to stop the scroll? It's time to change things up a bit.⁣⁠


Do you post the same types of photos again and again? Same setup, same backdrop, same attributes? It’s easy to fall into the routine of sharing the same kind of images.


It’s also boring. Not just for you, but for your audience too. ⁣⁠


So let’s great creative. Here are our types of brand photos you need to effectively market your business:⁣⁠


1) Photos of what you do

Okay it’s an obvious one. But are you thinking about how you show off what you do in a unique way or are you just sharing a photo of the finished product?

Do you offer a service? Show us how you do what you do- how do you prepare, set up, deliver your service?

Do you create products? Let us see your process- what materials do you use? How do you create your products? How do you present them when they are all ready to share?

Finding a unique way to show off your products and services helps set you apart for the competition, and show what it is that makes the way you deliver them unique.

2) Photos of your space

Do you work out of an office? A studio? A workshop? The great outdoors?

Do you have premises?

Wherever you do what you do- show us. The space as a whole, the details, the atmosphere. Give your audience a glimpse into your behind the scenes, where the magic happens, and they'll get a feel for what your business is all about.

3) Photos of your space/ products/ services being put to good use

Show- don’t tell. Testimonials are great- but a photo speaks 1000 words. Seeing a smiley face enjoying your products or taking part in your service says a lot about what it’s like to buy from you or work with you. Likewise, seeing your stuff out in the real world (and not just against a white backdrop) makes it easier for your audience to picture themselves enjoying it too.

Sidenote: my wee assistant Charly here is available to hire out as a model/taste tester- she prefers cakes, cookies and ice cream but you might still get a smile out of her if your products include fruit/ tomatoes/ glitter/ dinosaurs or unicorns.

4) Photos of you!

Your audience wants to see your face- like it or not. Showing the face behind the brand reminds the world that you aren’t a business: you are a human being, just like them. It builds trust, it sets you apart and it makes you relatable. The more you show of yourself, the stronger your brand grows- and the more you stand out online.

These are all things you can try yourself- get creative and do a brainstorming session of what kind of "behind the scenes" photos you can create and share for your business.

Need a little help with your brand photos or your content strategy?

We can create all of these photos for your business in one brand photo session! (amazing but true!)

We can work together to plan your session and create photos of your process, your workspace/premises, your products or services, and your lovely face of course- and we can do that all in one session. Whatever package you choose, you'll have a custom set of on brand images for your website, social media and online content and lots of great guidance for how to use them too.

Confident in your photography skills but need a little help with content ideas and strategy? I can help!

Drop me a message to set up a discovery call today- I have two spots remaining for October and would love to hear more about what you do. Get in touch: or use the contact form below.


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