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Accountability + Mentorship

Let's create some accountability

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Accountability is one of the biggest challenges of running your own business (and one of the only downsides to being your own boss). You make time for your client work and customer orders, but how about when it comes to your own business growth? 

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I did a bit of recon into the psychology on this, and  it turns out you have a 65% chance of completing a goal when you tell someone about it. And if you have a meeting about it? A 95% chance you'll follow through (according to a recent and well documented accountability study done across the pond).

It makes sense- once you say it loud, and take the first steps towards achieving that goal, you are far more likely to complete it.

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So essentially I'm here as your accountability coach: you're still the boss, but together we set big picture goals for your business, break them down into actionable steps and create an acountability plan that suits you and your schedule. A combination of check ins, email follow ups and regular in person meetings (monthly or quarterly) will keep you on track and meeting those goals on the regular. 

My accountability and mentorship packages start from £395

Are you ready to move your business forward? LET'S DO THIS!

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accountability + mentorship Packages

We all need accountability, but every business (and business owner) is different: I can tailor a plan to suit your schedule, your own unique goals and the level of accountability you're looking for. I've outlined some popular options below, but if none of these are quite the right fit get in touch and we can create a customized package together. 

accountability Boost

My smallest accountability package is great for you if you are nailing your branding + content but you need accountibility to keep growing. A six month program where we will have a planning session, monthly check in emails and two accountability meetings. 

mentorship level up

You are ready to level up your brand and content but need some coaching + accountability to get there. We will do a brand deep dive, monthly check in emails and bi-monthly accountability meetings. Available as a six or twelve month program. 

Brand identity builder

Ready to take your brand and content game to the next level? My all-inclusive package will equip you with everything you need to start marketing your business uniquely and effectively. Read more about it here.

  • What if I'm not sure about my USPs (what makes my brand different)?
    As a brand photographer, I don't JUST take photos - in fact, the stuff I do with my camera is only a small part of what I do. Am I here to create professional, on-brand images? Yes! But I'm also here to help you figure out what makes your business unique, and how best to show that off in captivating imagery. ​ You might think you need to have this all figured out before you think about brand photography, but it's actually a process we can work through together. And with my combined experience in both brand photography and marketing and communications, I can offer a strong perspective on creating the perfect visual content to help you stand out online. I'm not just a photographer, I'm also an expert in visual communications. ;)
  • What if I don't like having my photo taken?
    Join the club! When I get new enquiries in, almost all of them say something like "I know I need to be in my photos but I'm SO awkward in front of the camera" or "I'm not photogenic, you'll have your work cut out for you". ​ I get it - I really do. Most of us equate having our photo taken with the awkwardness of school portraits or traditional wedding photos- forced smiles and sitting still in stiff poses. Thankfully, my brand photography sessions are nothing like this. ​ We'll have worked closely together to plan your session so by the time I arrive you'll already know me and it'll feel like a catch up between friends, making it that much more comfortable. I'm as laid back and friendly as people come, and I take a candid approach to brand photography, offering light directions but focusing on genuine smiles and movement - no cheesy poses required. Based on feedback from previous clients (click here to read what they have to say), it's fair to say that you might even enjoy having your photos taken - imagine that!
  • How many images will I get?
    Every session is different, and it really depends on the number of locations, the length of your session and the time needed to prepare each setting. A good rule of thumb is to expect a minimum of 30 images for every hour we shoot for, however we usually end up with a lot more!
  • Where should I use my images?
    Most people will use their brand photos on social media and on their website, but you can also use them for print marketing, article submissions, and anywhere you want to promote your business. If you're not sure how to effectively communicate your message through your photos I can help with that too. Click here for more info on brand and content strategy packages:
  • What will it cost me?
    Brand Photography packages start at £650 for a two hour brand and content shoot in up to two locations in the same area. I also offer a half day shoot for those who are looking for a larger portfolio of photos or more locations. Live in Glasgow and want to do your shoot locally? I offer a one hour Brand Mini Shoot for local Glasgow small businesses- this is priced at £450. I do offer payment plans, so you can split the cost of your chosen package across the term of us working together. Interested in more details? Pop me an email for my Info Pack that includes everything you need to know.
  • Do you work outwith business hours?
    Yes! I work with a lot of mums and women who are juggling a lot of plates. So I offer evening sessions and sometimes even weekend brand photography sessions when needed. Just let me know when we chat and I will take your schedule into consideration.


Rhiannon is an absolute delight to work with. When we first met up we instantly connected, she totally got who I was and how I could be portrayed. I am also creative and it was brilliant to brainstorm with her and come up with lots of fun ideas.

- Caroline Lambie, humanist

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